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The Podcast Elevator Pitch

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As far as venture capital blogs are concerned, I’m a big fan of both A VC by Fred Wilson and VentureBlog by David Hornik (I guess I need to check out Brad Feld too). Recently the “elevator pitch” concept has come up…

David mentions Fred’s elevator pitch recieved from Eric Lunt at Feedburner. If you’d like to send Fred an elevator pitch, feel free to tag it with fred’selevatorpitch. Simple and smart…

…clever guy that Eric.


Google stock sales

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There are a few people out there making a ton of money recently. They all happen to be involved with Google. InsideGoogle reports:

The lion’s share of stock sales have been by the big players at Google: Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, George Reyes, Omid Kordestani, Wayne Rosing, Ram Shriram, and John Doerr. Doerr has the distinction of the single largest stock sale, 5.78 million shares for $997,376,874

Look at what happens if you decide to sit on the right board of the right company. As of right now I’m announcing my plans to get into venture capitalism. If you’re looking for more information on Doerr, Fast Company wrote an article about him.


$11 billion raised through IPOs

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Thought this year was full of IPOs? You were right. Sure we can all think of Google, but there were 92 more and they all raised over $11 billion. Thats, um, slightly up from the $2 billion raised last year. As reported earlier, this was a year the rich got richer.

Nearly two-thirds of the venture-backed companies that went public in ’04 got their first rounds of funding between 1997 and ’00, prior to the latest recession… (The Economic Times)

Appears that these companies did pretty well for themselves and the people who believed in them. Now if I could just come up with some billion-dollar ideas….

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