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DJIA 13504.30 chart+35.52
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Very Cool, finally a transformer. Now we just play the waiting game until they make one lifesize.

Thanks to the TecheBlog for helping me find it.


Great Mobile Centrino Commercial

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I was lying on the couch watching TV (finals are over, time to relax) and I really wasn’t paying much attention…

…that was until I heard the following:

“Are you looking for an entertaining experience in your lap?”

Naturally my answer was yes…

…but I already have a laptop.


Zuckerberg’s Business Card

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Fact of the Day: Mark Zuckerberg’s business card reads “i’m CEO … bitch”.

Source: Fortune, November 28, 2005


Coolest Blog Entry Ever

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Oh how I love Scott Adams.


Scott also mentions the 4th Annual Weasel Poll: “At first glance, there seems to be an imbalance of Republicans on the list. That’s because you usually have to do something to be nominated. And Democrats haven’t done much this year…”

PS: Three jobs + school = less blogging. Sorry…


Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers

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Harriet Miers was questioned about her position on Roe v. Wade earlier today. Her response was that she simply didn’t care how people evacuated New Orleans.

Sources: Tongue-in-Cheek


Martha to Row Pumpkin

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Again, you can’t make this stuff up:

Worried Martha Stewart fans can relax — the ex-felon lifestyle guru will be rowing a giant pumpkin across a Canadian lake this weekend after all. CNN Money

Thanks CNN Money.. you have no idea how worried I was!

…but seriously, its for charity. There were issues with her getting special permission to go to Canada. That’s what you get for having a criminal record, I guess.

Search Engine Used For Marriage Proposal

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…you really can’t make-up this stuff. Barry asked his girlfriend to AskJeeves her own name. They’re engaged!

Barry, you clever little geek… I just had to file this in humor.

Thanks, Nathan.


Found: Yahoo News > Opinion

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An ironic BusinessWeek article found on the front page under Opinions:

At least they can’t really be accused of censoring…


Bush: One of the Worst Disasters To Hit the U.S.

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I have to point to this caption that Fred posted this morning… entitled “You Got That Right“.


Read Between the Lines

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George’s Employment Blawg has a great little joke about “reading between the lines“.

Bob Smith, my assistant programmer, can always be found
hard at work in his cubicle… more.

I found it through Heather’s blog.


Obtaining Ideas For Blogs

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Doonesbury nailed it.


Jeff Pulver Talks Nobel Prize

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…what a moron. He basically raved at VON Europe about Skype’s CEO Niklas Zennström (and his team) and how they deserve a nobel peace prize. You’ve got to be kidding me. He says communication is a good way to end war.

Om said it best:

After all phone has been around for a while, and thanks to high tariffs the communication has been difficult. Never mind that Skype is cheap way to communicate if you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars (or life time of earnings) on a computer type device, and then spend atleast a $20 on broadband.


Viagra Not As Helpful As Some Thought

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Reuters: U.S. health regulators on Friday said they have received more than 40 reports of a type of blindness in men taking impotence drugs, mostly involving Pfizer Inc.’s Viagra.

I don’t even know what to say to this…

…ohya , their stock is down a smidge.


Google Featured In Apprentice?

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Why is it that I could see Google pulled up on Bren’s browser for at least a 2-minute segement? If I’m not mistaken, the official website of The Apprentice is… I find that pretty funny.


NBC’s ‘The Office’

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For those of you who missed The Office the other night, I must admit, it was pretty humerous. The blogosphere is somewhat torn on the issue, but I found it to be great entertainment. First, don’t take my word for it, check out the clip available at MySpace. Most people said “skip it” or “it’ll crash and burn” or something to the tune of “it’ll never be anything like the British version”. I went in without the bias and came out pretty impressed. Maybe that’s because I’m partial to Steve Carell (Anchorman, Bruce Almighty), in which case I didn’t go in without bias… hmmm.

…just go see what other’s have said and check out the comprehensive review at FC: Now.

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