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Business Enthusiasts: Inquire Within

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Are there any passionate business students out there interested in writing for this blog? Anyone with an interesting background? Anyone who likes to write? I’d love to take BusinessBits to the next level but I’ll need some help….

My goals and objectives:

  • Another perspective. I have my opinions and “advice” but there’s plenty that others can offer.
  • More posts, more frequently. There’s a ton of stuff going on out there, I can only cover what I find interesting and useful given the time I have. Additional authors means more content, more content is more readers, etc.
  • My BHAG is to become the Engadget of business. There aren’t many business news sources out there (in blog form). Reviewing books, companies, products, etc.

I’ve found the blog to be an awesome relationship builder. A number of interviews have led to great discussions too. Quite frankly, I think this blog is a great opportunity…

If anyone out there would like to join me feel free to contact me at

What Really Irritates Me:

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Undergrad business students who talk about graduate school.

I’ve talked about the MBA before but nothing annoys me more than business students who plan on getting as much education as possible and assuming they’ll be making as much as possible. It doesn’t work that way. I once heard a guy say he was going to get a business Ph.D. and make six figures. Are you kidding me?

Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and formal education positively fortifies it. -Stephen Vizinczey

Wake up! Nobody is going to pay you a boatload of money because you spent a lot going to school. In the past, sure, MBAs ran the world. You don’t see much of that anymore. Job markets have changed. People don’t work at the same company for 30-plus years anymore, either.

Here’s my suggestionss:

  • Look for some “relevant” experience. Waiting tables may pay but it’s hard to get your dream job with it.
  • Do something creative; use the right side of your brain. The MFA is the new MBA. (see: Dan Pink, Tom Peters)
  • Do what you’re passionate about. If you don’t know what that is yet, go dabble and figure it out.

…just don’t plan on getting an MBA next year. Most colleges don’t even admit students without experience.


What’s In A Name?

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Freakonomics mentions the fact that ‘DeShawn Williams’ will not get a call back. Even if his resume is identical to ‘Jake Williams’… who will.

Seth makes an interesting point:

Standing out is not the same thing as being remarkable. Standing out can just as easily get you ostracized. I don’t think Purple is the same as just being different.

Anyway, Mr. Godin may be linkless but you can read more about the importance of names on page 168 of Freakonomics…

Update: J D Moore points out the fact that a number of HR departments now format resumes to remove this kind of discrimination. Good point.


On this day…

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…a bunch of interesting things happened. The BBC says so! Oh ya, I was born too.

Apparently I share my birthday with Jim Henson!

Now, Neowin posted that Microsoft is going to announce its 30-year birthday today… or was it yesterday? Either way I can’t find an exact date anywhere. Not even on the official Microsoft timeline.

How exciting, Microsoft and I might have the same birthday! (I’m a little younger though)


Don’t Worry, Just Deal With Stress

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I hate when people complain about the things that can’t be changed…

Quote of the Day: It makes no sense to worry about things you have no control over because there’s nothing you can do about them, and why worry about things you do control? The activity of worrying keeps you immobilized. Wayne Dyer

My most recent example is tests. People will take a test and they’ll sit there and be upset because they don’t think it went well. Or, they might speculate on how they did, how others did, etc. Instead of dwelling on what you’ve already done, I feel it’s more useful to use that time to prepare better, be glad its over, learn from it, anything but worry and whine!

Besides, tests aren’t entirely designed to see if you can memorize a plethora of information, they’re there to see what you’re capable of. By this I mean: Can you organize yourself and prioritize? (I have 3 tests in 3 days) Can you anticipate what you need to know? Can you still have fun? (I took breaks and played DDR)

I just hate when friends or co-workers will, as I said, dwell on that which cannot be changed. Life is a about how you deal with situations… if the outcome isn’t in your favor the question asked should be “how can I deal with this?”

Figure it out — or die

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From the wise Barry Rithotlz (if you haven’t already subscribed to The Big Picture you’re missing out):

My personal theory for a lot of what has gone wrong over the past few years is that ideology (i.e., Neo-Con) and faith-based belief systems (insert your choice here) have replaced elbow grease, deep thought, and long term strategizing as the methodology of implementing policy.

Read the whole post here.

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

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It’s hard to believe she’s a convicted criminal. I found the opening scene to be very cheesy with her walking through the office, waving to people, giving helpful suggestions here and there. It was obviously not the real ‘Martha’. In the ‘conference room’ though it was obvious she’s quite personable but this whole ‘Apprentice’ thing is new to her.

I hate how giddy the apprentae get when she’s around at first. One even says she had tears in her eyes just being there. Sigh… they all laugh three times as hard at her and her daughter’s jokes. It’s absurd but understandable I suppose.

Tee one thing these shows do for me is, honestly, give me a ‘reality’ check. I look at the contestants and some people I think to myself “damn, is this personal real? Someone like this actually exists and actually thinks these things?”

Jeff is an egomaniac who should never be in a position of leadership. I hate people who over-use the ability to make ‘executive decisions’. It’s just a fancy way to allow themselves to be bossy and selfish. I think it was Howie who said “no, you don’t control my actions, I control your actions!”.

Jackasses, the whole lot of ‘em… they belong with Donald.

Update: Chris’ take on the first episode.

JetBlue Plane Lands Safely…

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…but I hate this quote. People are so untrusting these days. People on the plane watched their own fates on the news… in-flight:

Just in case people on the plane weren’t telling us everything that was going on, we had the news to follow.

Excuse me but what the hell is the news going to tell you? Oh right, the same thing as usual: useless hype.

“I felt very grateful that I was in the back of the plane instead of toward the nose, which was going to, as we were told by more than one network by the commentators, it’s going to be this huge crash and scrape around and fire. I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m in the back.’ “

That’s the kind of shit network news tells us. Stupid speculation that was far from the truth. The landing gear locked in place, it landed perfectly… not a huge crash.

The Apprentice was rudely interrupted by this last night so I was forced to watch it. Amazing landing, no doubt. But the fact I had to listen to the ignorant network lady. She said something to the tune of “wow that was amazing, that was perfect, I doubt anyone is injured, they don’t even need to evacuate the plane, I don’t really think they will”. Are you kididng me? How is the plane going to taxi everyone to the terminal you moron?

God I hate network news. I forgot where or who mentioned it but a number of ‘hardcore’ newsreaders soley use RSS these days. I proudly claim to be one of them…


Chipotle IPO

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As a loyal burrito eater this news hardly comes as a surprise:

McDonald’s Corp. said it plans an initial public offering for its Chipotle Mexican Grill chain, in a move to “optimize Chipotle’s potential” and create shareholder value.

It’ll be filed near the end of October and will be launched in the first quarter of 2006.

Update: Details from a presentation by William Espy, Creative Directory at Chipotle.

Google Desktop Icon vs Southwest Airport Services

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Hmm, I don’t think anyone ever noticed this striking similarity:


…who ever said reading the news couldn’t be fun?


Scary to Shake Hands?

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…it should be:

Specifically, a new survey of washrooms in public places found only 83 percent of American adults actually wash their hands after using the bathroom, even though 91 percent say they do.

Read more disgusting details at

Black is The Color of Gadgets This Year

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I was reading Fortune and it said Samsung will release something like 6 new phones in black this year. Om also points out T-Mobile’s releasing a black sidekick. Engadget even says sales weighted heavily towards black 4GB nano.

Black is the consumer’s choice of color this year. It’s all those people trying to stand out… just like everyone else.

Microsoft Does a Re-Org

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Strange coincidence, as we were learning about re-orgs in management class what am I simultaniously reading about? That’s right, the Microsoft re-org.


Apprentice Fantasy Leagues

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I’ll be playing both the Donald Trump and Martha Stewart fantasy games. Heather, will there be another league?


XBOX 360 Coming in November

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…in case you cared. The new console from Microsoft will cost $400 (without accessories, games, etc) and will be available on November 11th.

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