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Kaufman’s ChangeThis MBA Manifesto

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Go visit Josh Kaufman’s blog (and personal MBA book list). and then, if you feel the same way I do (and 646 other people), vote for his Personal MBA manifesto.

Andersen Ruling Reversed

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WSJ: The Supreme Court overturned the 2002 criminal conviction that doomed accounting giant Arthur Andersen LLP, a ruling that won’t revive the nearly defunct firm but could hamper the government’s broader crackdown on white-collar crime.

Deep Throat Revealed

Filed under: — 11:30 pm, this isn’t another junk mail message. Deep Throat has revealed his identity. What makes it more interesting? Ritholtz guessed it.

Tom Peters on Interviewing

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Today Tom Peters posted his slides about Interviewing Excellence. He mentions how IntEx (among many things) is not found in business school curricula. Being an undergrad myself I can testify to this. The ‘career centers’s sad attempts at helping students are laughable… I feel like they’re stuck in a mindset from the 50’s or something…

…don’t even get me started on their “resume pointers”.

Thanks for the great slides, Tom.

TD Waterhouse and Ameritrade Near Merger

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Reuters: Online discount brokerages Ameritrade Holdings Corp. and TD Waterhouse are close to striking a merger agreement, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.

Trump Yacht For Sale: $3.75m

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Luxist: Ivana is an 105-foot yacht that was built in 1995. While not as lavish as The Donald’s epic Trump Princess she is still a gorgeous yacht that has made the scene in Monaco and the Mediterranean as well as Palm Beach. She can be yours for $3.75 million.


Viagra Not As Helpful As Some Thought

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Reuters: U.S. health regulators on Friday said they have received more than 40 reports of a type of blindness in men taking impotence drugs, mostly involving Pfizer Inc.’s Viagra.

I don’t even know what to say to this…

…ohya , their stock is down a smidge.


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Having a hard time remembering how to get here? Want to let your friends know where to find some quick ‘bits’ on everything business related? Tired of me asking dumb questions? You can now point your browser to Business Bits Hey, the domain may not be shorter.. but it sure seems easier to remember. ;-)

GM’s ‘In Motion’ Auto Show A Blast

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Today was a great day at Invesco Field at Mile High… or as we like to (and should) call it: Mile High Stadium. It was the host to General Motors’ ‘In Motion’ advertis-err auto show. It was free, fun, and pretty exciting. How trusting is a company thats letting thousands of people drive hundreds of their cars over a four day period? It was this simple: fill out name and driver’s license number, walk to car, drive around in a _____ (insert luxury sedan, SUV, H2, etc. here). It was a great day, great cars… great time. Plus they gave us lunch. I know what you’re thinking “oh, you drove over to a multi-car test drive…” Hardly The atmosphere was not what you’d find with a dealer sitting on your lap. There was genuine excitement and energy. I think GM is making the right move allowing people to get their hands on their cars…

…coincidently the WSJ has an article today on GM, its struggles, and how it plans to change things soon. Their four-point plan includes: overhaul the pricing strategy, consolidating Pontiac and Buick, spending more to “woo” import buyers on the coasts, and upgrading aging GM dealerships in key markets.

…did I mention I was driving a BMW 325 just hours ago?

Been Busy, Sorry

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Wow it’s been quite a while since I last posted. I take a look at my personal blog and I can realize why. Life has been semi-hectic since the end of the semester. Work, play, etc. They’ve all got in the way lately. Plus I haven’t had my RSS aggregator for a number of days now…

..I’m just finishing up All Marketers Are Liars and would love to share my thoughts. In fact, if you’re interested, the All Marketers Are Liars Business Blog Book tour is currently over at Brand Autopsy. There are a number of books I’ll be reading and reviewing here shortly…


Disney Profit Up

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WSJ: Disney posted a 30% rise in quarterly profit, driven by solid DVD sales of “The Incredibles” and the box-office success of “The Pacifier.”

Huh… with all the Eisner hoopla this year I wouldn’t have guessed Disney to do so well. Plus, I must live in a cave becuase I haven’t even yet heard of “The Pacifier”. Finals do that to you I suppose…

Hydrogen cars?

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Durango Herald Online: Cortez sophmore builds model hydrogen car

…if only it were that simple. via


Grapevine: The New Art of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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It appears the founder of BzzAgent, Dave Balter, is writing a book about this new and exciting form of marketing called ‘word-of-mouth’. Having been a BzzAgent for a while I can expect this to be an interesting book. I love the questions prompted before even being able to preview it (BzzAgents can become participants in the book process). One which is found before every campaign sounds like ‘how likely is it you’d be willing to recommend ____ to people?’ Well Dave, I don’t know… I haven’t tried it yet. So, Dave, I can’t honestly tell you how much your book will or will not suck before I try it. It sounds like I need to assume whatever you give me is pure gold and I’m merely being used to convey that to everyone else…

In any case, here’s a little blurb about it:

We don’t want to give too much away, but each chapter in Grapevine is preceded by a look into the life of the marketing campaign for “SparklyPerfect,” a fictional super-product. It’s got all the best features and expansive advertising and marketing strategies behind it. It seems the only thing that’s missing is honest and genuine word of mouth! What to do, what to do… The amusing fictional representation of SparklyPerfect is told in a series of vignettes which help the reader understand the flow of word of mouth through the marketplace.

Qwest Finally Drops Out of MCI Bidding

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WSJ: Qwest said it was dropping out of the bidding for MCI. Earlier, Verizon increased its bid for MCI to $26 a share, and MCI’s board deemed the new offer “superior” to the bid from Qwest.

“It is no longer in the best interests of shareowners, customers and employees to continue in a process that seems to be permanently skewed against Qwest,” Qwest said in a statement.

“Skewed” seems like an understatement… MCI’s board has agreed to a lower-priced offer from Verizon for a third time now.

Time Warner Loses Employee Data

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WSJ: Time Warner disclosed that a container of computer tapes containing information on 600,000 current and former Time Warner employees was lost during a truck-ride to a data storage facility.

I was standing behind a group in line today. They had heard that identity theft is the number one ‘theft’-crime in Boulder. Hmm, good thinking on the university’s part. They finally changed everyone’s student numbers from their SSN to a unique number. So very clever…

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